Animal Kare Center of Paducah Vet Services

2625 Olivet Church Rd, Paducah, KY 42001


As a rule, we generally don't use leashes. Each animal has the opportunity to run to their outdoor exercise pen on their own accord. They have spacious areas to reside in with all the comforts of home, blankets, 24-hour television and TLC. I get more satisfaction out of watching the dogs be happy, play and have fun here than anything else I've done in my professional career!

Price List

Pampered Pet Room 25lbs and under- $15 per night
Kennel Boarding 25.1lbs and above- $18 per night
100+lbs- $20 per night
VIP Access- An additional $3 per night. Will receive pictures and/or videos daily as well as extra one on one playtime.
Cat boarding - $10 per night


Pampered Pet Room

The Yard

Dr. Henderson
Your full service animal Kare center.

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